As a learner-centered teacher of philosophy, I seek to help my students not only master philosophical content, but also learn the skills they need to do philosophy. I also strive to help them develop valuable dispositions that shape how they will engage with ideas, their own learning processes, and other people, both in the classroom and in the world beyond it. In my teaching, I apply the principles of integrated course design - where learning objectives, day-to-day learning activities, and assessment tasks are transparently aligned - in order to create enjoyable and meaningful learning experiences for students. 

My approach to teaching philosophy has been heavily influenced by the training I've received from the wonderful members of the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, as well as the University of Michigan's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching.  

Teaching Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, University of Michigan, 2018

Awarded annually to twenty graduate student instructors across Rackham Graduate School's 180+ graduate programs who demonstrate extraordinary dedication, creativity, and skill as teachers. Nominations are collected by departments (1-2 per department), and recipients are selected based on student evaluations, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement of teaching philosophy. 

John Dewey Prize, University of Michigan, 2017

Awarded annually by the philosophy department to one graduate student who has shown excellence in undergraduate teaching. 

Dean's Citation for Excellence in Tutorials, University of Sydney, 2012

Awarded annually by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to teachers who display excellence in tutorial teaching. This award is specifically designed to encourage and reward innovative, evidence-based, and reflective teaching. Recipients are selected based on student evaluations and commendations, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. 


Fall 2019: Introduction to Cognitive Science (with Chandra Sripada), University of Michigan

Spring 2019: Ethics, Amherst College

Spring 2019: Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophical Questions, Amherst College

Fall 2018: Morality and the Emotions, Amherst College (upper-level seminar)

Fall 2018: Introduction to Philosophy: Philosophical Questions, Amherst College

Summer 2018: Ethics, Race, and Gender, University of Michigan

Summer 2016: Philosophical Dimensions of Personal Decisions, University of Michigan

Summer 2012: Philosophy of Happiness, University of Sydney

Teaching Portfolio

If you'd like to know more about my teaching, you can view my teaching portfolio. It contains further information about my pedagogical training and the courses I’ve taught as well as student evaluations of my teaching. I’d be more than happy to share course syllabi via email.